USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 07 May, 2008

Heading to NE Texas

The storm prediction centers analysis on today's activity.

George and Charles assessing the roads.

We have met up with Scott McPartland.

Previous hail damage.

Lexan Sheeting protecting the side windows.

Remote camera.

Scott McPartland.

Mark Robinson's car.

Inside a semi-typical storm chaser car. Need to get myself one of these...

Now we are down to detailed maps of Texas.

The DOW (Doppler On Wheels) Fuelled up.

The Production crew catching up on a little rest.

Analysing the skies.

Production crew doing their cutaways and b-roll.

A bit of a nature shot here.

A lone chaser breaking from the group, otherwise known as a lightning target.

Storm heading our way.

Radar update has been received, a small amount of rotation is present.

Charles is having a competition on who can get to their camera quicker..  I won.

Storm cell developing.

Vehicles  Kangaroo 1 & 2 jostling for position.

This storm is now tornado warned.

Monitoring it carefully.

Tornado Warning Sometimes equals traffic in built up areas.

Wall cloud is trying to form.


It's still a little disorganised.

Not quite there.

Skies are getting darker.

Great contrast in lighting.

Other chasers lined up on the side of the road.

A new Super cell forming.

Sun setting.

Clouds in a puddle. Mildly creative photography.