USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 31 May, 2006

 Click here to view the hail storm whilst driving video

Storms forming with hail present.

The beginnings of a threatening storm.

 Scary looking clouds but, no rotation with the storm.

Looks amazing though.

Hail core.

 Driving out of the storm.

Watching the storm on Radar.

Hail core still very active.

It looks like snow, but its all hail.


A gap between the storms.

 Just getting mildly creative.

 An Australian Record.. Cricket at 6345 Feet, in the outback of the Colorado Fields.

 We ended up using my tripod as the cricket stumps.

 Nick goes for the ball, but misses..

 Might be time to pack up the game and start chasing.

Hail falling on the car, trapped in the windscreen seals.

Quite small, but lots of it.

 Night Time..  Hail and Lightning.

Active lightning.

Amazing strike.