Louisiana - New Orleans / Storm Damage

Where is the roof?

Family practice..

I wonder what is in the fridge.

The cleanup continues..


One of the failed pumping stations.

Extreme damage.

Flooded property.

Not good.

No words required...  Disaster zone..

The damage was quite overwhelming.

The Golden arches....

The superdome approaches..

Very eerie.

NOPD control vehicle.

This car is too far gone.

Smashed windows.

The superdome....

The superdome on the inside.

Empty ticket booths. 

Again.. Very cold and haunting feelings here.

Very cold and dark place.

The constantly falling glass from the nearby building.

The cleanup will take a long time.

The Superdome..

City Hall signage destroyed.

Dumped and flooded cars on the east side.

Enough said.

A service station...

Another service station...

Damage is so widespread.