USA Storm Chasing Expedition - May 9th - May 14th 2004

First time arriving in Oklahoma City.

Rather excited to see the gear packed into the transportation.

Day 1, on the road

Storm chasing tour - first pit stop

Satellite internet.

Equipment setup

Analysing the skies

First storm chase day.

Experiencing the countryside.

First hail shaft sighting.

Amazed by the power of the clouds.

Equipment Setup

Leaving Kansas.. rather sure I will be back.

One of many gas station stops.

The beginnings of the F4 tornado in Attica, Kansas

The first supercell I have sighted.

Storm growing rapidly.

The first funnel I have ever seen.

The chase is on.

A golf ball sized hail stone found on the ground.

Everyone taking photos

First tornado sighting. Attica F4

It was quite a distance away.

Radar readings of the storm.

Destroyed house in the distance.

Amazed by the power of this tornadic storm.

Sheriff blocking the road.

In absolute awe.

Local Attica sheriff responding to a call for assistance.

F2 tornado damage.

Tree ripped apart.

Tree down with lightning illuminating the sky.

Another day of chasing, this time in Texas.

Not a great forecast for today.

Supercell forming near Junction, Texas

One of many antennas in frame.

No tornado warning.

Attracted to lightning.

I think this will be a yearly thing.... I'm absolutely hooked.