Hundreds of hours have gone into research and development into setting everything up just right.tornado 1

It's a simple fact that things will fail during a storm chase and for those who choose to undertake this activity, they must be prepared not only to protect themselves, but to possibly save others. Many people believe the highest risk of chasing is storm interception, when it's in fact the long distance driving and fatigue.

Having the right voice communications and data feeds is of major assistance, however relying on technology to save you can only lead to serious problems when things go pear shaped. I'm sometimes asked who built the custom hail deflector or what do I use to connect this to that. So to assist you with these answers, here is an exhaustive list of nearly everything that is fitted in my vehicle.

I welcome any questions from other storm chasers if you need any specific advice, but firstly, I would refer you to the "Storm Chasing Handbook" written by Tim Vasquez if you are new to the scene.

Toyota 2011 Rav4 Automatic / AWD

Vehicle Safety Features
Aluminium Retractable Windshield Hail Deflector – (Custom Built & Designed in Alvarado, TX)
3M Safety Film / 26 Layer / 0.8mm (All windows except windscreen) Fitted in Tulsa, OK
ARIES Front Grille Guard

Vehicle Safety Lighting
All Amber & Syncronised
FRONT (1x Tomar S200 LED Dash Mount + 2x Tomar Rect14)
REAR (2x Tomar Rect25 LED)battery
SIDES (4x Whelen Vertex LED)

Vehicle Recovery

15 Tonne Rated Tow Rope 30 ft
Tyre Repair Kit
Tyre Inflation Device (Electronic & Manual)
Jump Start Cabling
Tyre Chains (Snow & Mud)
One Gallon Emergency Fuel

Vehicle Power Supply & Distribution
Circuit #1 - Vehicle Acc Power (Engine/ACC) - Fused @ 15A
    4 Way Cig Lighter Sockets + 5V USB
    Sony NX70 6.8V DC Power, GPS Navigation

Circuit #2 - Direct Battery Feed - Fused @ 15A
    4 Way Cig Lighter Sockets + 5V USB
    Switched 6 Way Anderson Power Pole

    Chargers, Mobile Phone, Mobile Phone Cradle/Amplifer, GoPro Dash Cam
    Internet Data Amplifier, Camera Battery Chargers x2
Circuit #3 - Direct Battery Feed - Fused @ 15A
    6 Way Anderson Power Pole
    Ext Amber Lighting, Rear Work Lighting, Yaseu FT8800 #1
Circuit #4 - Direct Battery Feed - Fused @ 30Aelectrical
    LVD (Low Voltage Detector, Feeding 400W Pure Sine Wave Inverter 110V AC
     Laptop Computer
Circuit #5 - Direct Battery Feed - Fused @ 30A
   Yaseu FT8800 #2

Note: Anderson Powerpoles used for distribution & connections


2x Yaseu FT-8800R Dual Band 2M/70cm Amateur Radio (50W/2m - 35W/70cm)
Yaesu VX-7R Waterproof Dual Band 2M/70cm Handheld Amateur Radio (5W)
Yaesu VX-6R Waterproof Single Band 2M/70cm Handheld Amateur Radio (5W)
Apple IPhone 5s (Straight Talk / AT&T)
Apple IPhone 4s (Telstra Australia / AT&T)
Samsung CDMA Mobile Phone (Verizon)
Motorola Iridium Satellite Phone (Disaster Situations / Cell Grid Failure)
Uniden UBCD996XT Digital Base Station Scanner

Communication Antennas
2x Diamond SG7900 Dual Band Mobile Antenna 2m/70cm Gain dBi: 5.0/7.6 (FT8800R's)
2x Diamond NR770HA Dual Band Mobile Antenna 2m/70cm Gain dBi: 3.0/5.5 (Uniden 996XT / VX7R/6R)
2x MFJ Dual Band Mobile Antenna 2M/70cm 4dbi (Backups/Stored)
5x 9dbi Mobile Phone/Data Antenna "Blackcat" 900/1800mhz (Verizon Hotspot / Wilson Phone Cradle / AT&T Hotspot)
XM Radio / Satellite RX Magnetic Mount (Baron Mobile ThreatNet)windows
Motorola / Iridium Satellite Phone External Magnetic Mount Antenna

Internet & Data Connectivity
Verizon Hotspot 2G/3G/4G/LTE
AT&T Hotspot 2G/3G/4G/LTE
4G IPhone Data via Tether (Telstra/AT&T)
StraightTalk / AT&T / 4G IPhone Data Only
XM Radio Satellite / Baron Mobile ThreatNet (Radar Only)

GPS & Tracking

Delorme 2014 Street Mapping Software
2x GlobalSat USB Receiver (Primary/Backup)
GlobalSat Bluetooth GPS Receiver (Backup)
Franson GPS Gate – COM Port Emulation / Splitter Software
Navman On-Dash GPS
Rand McNally USA 2013 Paper Map

Radar Data Software / Reporting Services & Feeds

Gibson Ridge GrLevel3 Radar Analysis Software v3.2
Baron Mobile ThreatNet XM Satellite Receiver & Software
Allisonhouse Dedicated Server For NWS Radar & Satellite Image Feeds
Spotter Network (Tracking & Monitoring) Storm spotting emergency reporting service.
Radar Scope App (IPhone & IPad Radar Software) – Linked to Alisonhouse Feed.hail shield 2

Meteorology Tools & Measurement

Kestral 4000 Wind & Observations Meter
6" Calipers For Hail Measurement

Mounting & Camera Support

Manfrotto 241 Suction Pump Windscreen Mount
Manfrotto 155 Adjustable Bracket
RamMount Universal Laptop Housing/Bracket
2x Manfrotto Photo/Camera Tripods

Computer Equipment

Dell Precision M4800 Laptop (Win 7/64bit)
Dell Precision M4600 Laptop (Win 7/64bit) - Backup

Apple I-Phone 5s/4s
Apple I-Pad Mini

Camera Equipment
Sony HXR-NX70 HD (Front/Dash) - STREAMING
1x Canon 5D MKIV Digital Still Camera + Various Lenses
2x Canon 5D MKIII Digital Still Cameras + Various Lensessearch and rescue
GoPro4 HD Camera (Rear)
GoPro3 HD Camera (Front/Dash) Cyclic Event Recorder
Axis PTZ Q6115 IP Streaming Camera

Other Electronics Accessories
Wilson Electronics - IPhone Passive Cell Coverage Booster Cradle
Wilson Electronics 4G TX/RX Booster (Internet)
Canopus ADVC110 Analogue to Firewire convertor for live streaming
Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle USB 3.0

Live Streaming
YouTube Live Streaming Services
Software For Streaming - Wirecast Encoder v5.03

Emergency Equipment (Medical/Emergency)
EMS Backpack (Trauma, Burns, Wound Care, Ice Packs, Thermal Blankets, SMART & METTAG Triage Tags
Advanced Resuscitation (Soft Bag & Airways)
Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Cardiac Science G3 Pro
Diagnosic, BP, BGL, Temp, Patient Monitoring
Enclosed Eye Protection, Work Gloves
Small Crow/Pry Bar, Auto Glass Breaker / Seat Belt Cutter
Spray Paint For Search & Rescue Marking
AC Hotstick (Low & High Voltage Detection)ambulances

Personal Protection Equipment
Kevlar Protection Helmet
Protective Eyewear / Protective Footwear
Protective Trousers
Reflective Vest
P2/N95 Rated Face Masks
Nitrile Gloves
Fire Extinguisher
LED Maglite Torch + 2x Pocket Torches
LED Headwear (Dimmer + Adjustable Beam)

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